Checkout the latest features in the desktop software What's New in SoundSwitch 2.5
SoundSwitch Static Look DMX Lighting Scenes for Total Control
All New Static LooksTotal Control of Every fixture and Every attribute Static Look lighting scenes allow for full manual control over all attributes of each light. Use the Static Looks feature to control lighting scenes for a first dance, dinner services or when you want to light your event in a specific way.
SoundSwitch Autoloops feature for Automated lighting control
New Default AutoloopsA light show for every song
SoundSwitch now ships with new default Autoloops. More effects, Attribute and Positions Cues have been added to the Autoloops as well as prebuilt Autoloops for the Chauvet DJ Gigbar Move
SoundSwitch MIDI Overrides Feature
Live Override FX + MIDIOn the fly control with MIDI support
From movement effects to customizable color overrides, control lighting FX on the fly with Live Override FX using any MIDI compatible device. 
DMX + Philips HueSupports industry standard lighting systems
SoundSwitch 2.4 is compatible with both DMX and Philips HUE lighting hardware. Whether you are livestreaming, DJing at home with friends or on the main stage, SoundSwitch allows you to connect to your lighting system of choice.
SoundSwitch Desktop Software running on a laptop with Philips HUE and SC6000 Denon DJ hardware
Pre-built Gigbar Move ProjectOut of the box supportWe've pre-patched and populated all of the Autoloops and Static Looks as well as Attribute and Position Cues in a SoundSwitch Project for the Chauvet DJ Gigbar move. 

Simply set the Gigbar Move to DMX Channel 1 and 35ch Mode and its plug and play.

SoundSwitch Autoscripting feature for Automated lighting control
AutoScripting UpgradesNew Presets, Styles and Colors
We've added new automation Presets and Styles as well as a new color selection algorithm that allows for a wider range of colors to be assigned when using the AutoScripting feature.
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Lighting Software for DJ's

Music & Lights from a single DJ System Control the Entire Performance Environment
With built-in lighting, Engine DJ devices automatically sync your music with lights all from the unit itself. Simply raise the channel fader and press play to see the automatic and synchronized light show. When it's time to add a personal touch, open the Engine Lighting panel to customize the light show on-the-fly.
SoundSwitch Micro USB to DMX Interface
Control One SupportProfessional Lighting Interface FIND OUT MOREDual Universe Interface + One to One mapped hardware control for both SoundSwitch desktop and Engine Lighting BUY NOW