Watch this video for a step by step guide on how to setup SoundSwitch from start to finish.

Step by Step Guide
Step 2: Controlling Gobos, Prism and Built in FX
This video explains how to get started controlling Gobos, Prism and other build in effects.
Step 1: Auto Scripting
This video explains how to get started using the SoundSwitch software, helps you to understand the User Interface and steps you through the key features such as Auto Scripting.
Step 3: Connecting SoundSwitch Software to your DJ System
Virtual DJ Engine OS
Ableton LINK
Serato DJ
Step 4: Controlling Moving Lights
Setup your Movers and Scanners using the Position Cues Feature
Getting Started with SoundSwitchHere you find helpful tips on how to setup and get started with SoundSwitch. 

Here you will find helpful walkthrough videos outlining light fixture setup, the auto scripting process, gobo, prism, FX and moving head configuration as well as the steps required to connect SoundSwitch to your favorite DJ or DAW application.