Standalone Lighting Control for DJ Hardware
Whats new in version 2.8? Powered by SoundSwitchAutoScripting, Patching & Venue Setup
Use the SoundSwitch Desktop software to AutoScript your tracks, setup your lighting patch and create Autoloops, Static Looks and more, then easly export your SoundSwitch Project for use with Engine Lighting
Intuitive Touchscreen Control
Check out the Engine Academy tutorial videos below.  Want to learn more about Engine Lighting by SoundSwitch? How to Set up and Sync Engine Lighting with Philips Hue Smart Lights
How to Set up and Sync Engine Lighting with DMX Lights
How to Set up and Use the Control One with Engine Lighting
Music & Lights from a single DJ System Control the Entire Performance Environment
With built-in lighting, Engine DJ devices automatically sync your music with lights all from the unit itself. Simply raise the channel fader and press play to see the automatic and synchronized light show. When it's time to add a personal touch, open the Engine Lighting panel to customize the light show on-the-fly.
Pro ModeOnboard DMX Light Control
A comprehensive touch interface providing control over advanced lighting effects for both DMX and Smart Lights. Effortlessly control color overrides, Autoloops, Static Looks, light intensities, moving head position, and more. Engine Lighting with DMX light fixtures requires an active SoundSwitch trial or paid subscription and a SoundSwitch branded USB to DMX interface.
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Basic ModeOnboard Smart Light Control
A simple yet powerful touch interface designed for controlling Smart Lights. Easily change color, light show style (Autoloops), add strobe effects, and more all with a single touch or swipe. Engine Lighting with Philips Hue Smart Lights is a free service when accessed from Engine DJ hardware.
Compatible ProductsAvailable for both Mobile and Club DJs
Engine DJ offers a wide variety of standalone media players and controllers that feature onboard lighting control. Visit the link below to see all Engine Lighting compatible products. 
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SoundSwitch Micro USB to DMX Interface
True Plug & PlayA standalone audio and lighting experience FIND OUT MOREAdding Control One to Engine Lighting gives you Dual USB and DMX interfaces, physical parameter knobs and performance pads, and a dedicated control surface for lighting. These added benefits make it easier and more enjoyable to add lighting FX to your DJ set. BUY NOW
DMX + Philips HUE and NanoleafStage and home lighting
SoundSwitch now supports both DMX, Philips HUE and Nanoleaf* lighting. Whether you are on the main stage, DJing a house party or live streaming, connect to your lights, your way.

* compatible with Nanoleaf shapes and lines.

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SoundSwitch compatible with Philips HUE and Nanoleaf shapes and lines